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Free-Thinking and Ever-Changing

Sweet Divinity v2.8 "Spin Moon Magic"

16 March 1986
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It's coming. Prepare yourself. =3

[[: My friend's band, Sakura!! VISIT IT!! :]]

[[:- A m b i e n c e -:]]

Image is (C) Burntron 9000 off of the Velvet Acid Christ forum

Credit for the banner goes to _lisichka_icons

I'm open about who I am, what I am, how I feel and where I've been. You might see me as a dwelling, self-absorbed, emo brat when I tell you about emotional factors in my life. Big deal. I'm actually saying it to either relate to someone, or speaking philosophically in saying how I overcome my struggles. I may repeat myself, but I do it for a reason.

I treat others the way I feel they should be treated. If you are a narrow-minded preacher, I will be quick to give you the cold shoulder. If you are a sexual predator, I will treat you with the utmost disrespect.

I dont take other peoples bullshit

I can be calm one minute and in dire need of a muzzle the next

I'm a shoulder to cry on and a person to confide in, but I am not a pushover. I lend you money, I expect it back

I hate owing people, especially money

Inferiority makes me insecure. I like being treated as an equal, not a child. I dont care how much you know, but if you act like you're the world's smartest scientist, I know you're just naive.

I'm a nightowl. I love crisp 'n' clear nights in the middle of winter, with fresh snow on the ground and frost on your breath. Looking up at the stars at this time of year is a spectacular sight.

I'm a hopeless romantic

I'm a flirt

I might kiss many guys, but I end up breaking the hearts of many more.

I'm not as innocent as I appear to be....

..... But that doesnt mean you can get down my pants at the drop of a hat.

I'm vain, and a bit shallow. Deal with it. We all are.


For Fellow Combichrist Fanatics. =3

:::Also known as:::
roguemage13 for Artwork and Concepts

berettaslinger {{ Account used for unknown purpoes as of now, but more like the visual chronology of me into my Ideal Self }}

dejected_puppet Further delvings into Personal, Mental, Physical and Emotional movement.

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